Trekking in the Himalayas
A collection of links to descriptions of treks in the Himalayas, as well as other sights and phenomena of interest there.

My initial plan for this page was a somewhat exhaustive collection of links to pages regarding trekking in the Himalayas as well as the regions culture and history. This never materialized, however for what it is worth, the few links listed here are nice enough to warrant a visit. Feel free to drop me a mail at "lars at" for any reason.

Lars Uldall-Jessen

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Safari in East Africa?
Let me recommend the help of Nelson Nyamai in Nairobi, Kenya, if you want to climb Mt. Kenya or go on safari to the Mara, etc. Check out the homepage: !



South Delhi family on the road, 2004

Himachal Pradesh

Zanskar & Ladakh

Leaving Padum, Zanskar, India





As there is now peace in Nepal again, there is no excuse not to visit this beautiful country. I personally believe this country tops the Himalayan
destinations. Only problem is the terrible smog in downtown Kathmandu.


Pakistan, Central Asia, Xinjiang & Tibet

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Sun shining in potato fields, Keylong, Himachal Pradesh, 2004