Zanskar-Ladakh travelogue, 2000

Onwards from Padum

I hooked up with two horsemen in Padum, who were also heading for Lamayuru since they had to pick up a new trekking party there. We walked the distance in about half the normal time, which I really cannot recommend. My bagpack was on the horses but still, it was far too much to walk 10-12
hours every day, and not just strolling around, but walking fast. Don't be that stupid, the walk is far too beautiful to rush it like that when you're not a horseman walking there 10 times a year!


High grade metamorphic folds.

A little boy looking after the family residence. Around him is dung laid around to dry in the sun. 

 When we reached camp the first night it started to rain a bit. Looking out from the horsemen's tent a swarm of interested kids from the village are looking at the "farangi". A delicious dhal bhat (rice and lentils)
is cooking on the kerosene stove.

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