Zanskar-Ladakh travelogue, 2000

The Monasteries around Padum


Is this bear intended to ward off tourists?
Or is it a sign that even a bear will enter Nirvana when confronted with the basic facts of the Buddha?

A highly acclaimed Lama was supposed to come to Padum, but after the terrorist attack which killed a monk outside Rangdum monastery approximately 20 kilometers away, the Lama didn't like to come after all.

This friendly painter was - I believe - from Manali. He told me of a Dane he once knew who had come to India to live in a cave. The Dane couldn't find a cave, so he lived in a shack instead, and had food and drink brought to him -in order to avoid too many distractions from his contemplation of "reality as seen from within a dark shack" I guess.

This is the caretaker of the small Gompa.


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