Ascent of Stok Kangri,  6121m.

The first camp after Leh. Anders (left) trying to fix the MSR shit-stove, Lui (middle) and myself.

The third and final camp, about 1000m below the summit, with view to the glacier, as can be seen below.
It was freezing cold!


We started early in the morning before sunset. It was quite an awkward experience
to walk in darkness with only a dim pocketlight.

 The first long part is  walking in boulders.

The last couple of 100m's in snow. It was a bit steep to the one side, and I felt the abyss
looking back a me when I looked down, walking in the loose scree and snow.

A small step for man, but ...

 My feet are freezing like hell. Because some extra-outer skin of my boots
had broken, snow had frozen to ice insidemy boots.

 The view was nice for 5 minutes. Then it started to snow, and we started the looong walk
 that would take us back to the small village of Stok (!?) from where we could catch the bus
next morning.
This is the view to the east, if my recollections are right.