Zanskar sumdo

The wise men have said thus: stay here for two nights to acclimatize.
I did, and didn't experience any problems. Many of those who skipped the extra night
had headaches in the following days!

The number one Zanskari sportsmen demonstrating the law of cause and effect for Westerners eager to learn.

When you look up this hill you just feel like going up.

And when you get up you want to take a photo showing the way down.


But of course there's also the glimpse into the next valley.

And when you get to the top of something and is forced to sit down for a moment, you catch a glimpse of some of the rare flower species of the Himalayas. Or maybe they are not so rare, but at least I had never seen them before!


This is the camp chief of Zanskar Sumdo. A nice guy, who made a great omelette. He said he knew everything there was to know about trekking in Zanskar, and invited me to come back soon; then we would go trekking and I could write a guide book from his instructions. I will, one day!