Purne to Padum

Spot the horses making their way down the crisscrossing trail to cross the river, only to
make their way up the other side!

 The bridges may look a bit scary, but trust me, this is not how you will get injured.
Trekkers, according to a survey some years ago, usually break legs or whatever, when
they take photos and don't look where they are putting their legs, or when they have
to get up in the middle of the night to take a p*ss.

Fields outside the beautiful town of Mune. I wasn't here for more than one night, but it seems like
a really nice town, lots of water and good irrigation, which is something of change when
you have been on your way 8-9 days from Darcha. It's a days walk from Padum.

 Young monk explaining cook, guide and horseman that Bardan Red Hat gompa is closed
until the evening prayer. Below you see the resident goat, an Ibex I believe. DON'T feed him!

In Mune the kids of one of the cooks joined their father on the daywalk to Padum,
the BIG town in Zanskar.