Padum from a little above.

Padum is an alternative exit or entry point to Zanskar.
If you are going to Ladakh you should visit Padum and the small villages around as well,
even if you don't want to go trekking.

Hanging out with the in-crowd of Padum.

To the left it is Ason, who was a bodybuilder from Assam, and a waiter at my hotel until he left in anger.

To the right two friendly Tibetan shopkeepers who had their summertime business in Padum, but otherwise lived in XZXXZXZX.

View to the north of rain in the mountains, from my hotel. A white stupa is in the middle of the picture.
The clouds gathering around the mountains was a daily late-afternoon happening. The locals
say that nowadays it rains much more than just 10 years ago. Global climate change?!

The wire hanging down to the rightside white house (actually the restaurant), is an electrical wire.
If you are feeling lucky use it to hang your clothes or recharge your batteries! :-)

The mosque to the right, just outside the 'center' of Padum. The tin roofs were glittering in the sun.
From Darcha to Padum I think you will only meet Budhist Zanskaris, but in Padum, and downwalley
(following the Doda river) to Rangdum, there are also many Moslems.